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    Sun Java SE Runtime Environment 8 Build b21 Preview 32/64 bit

    Java Runtime Environment - Runtime Environment made It consists of a virtual machine - Java Virtual Machine and Java- library classes. Written in the Java language a lot of programs and games , especially those for whom mobility is important . Some Web pages are also using Java. One of the advantages of Java is its cross-platform , that is, an application written in this language can be used on different operating systems where you installed Java Runtime Environment.
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    Mini WPI Program Pack 2012 (2012/Rus)

    Collection of the latest versions of the most frequently used in the work on your pc. The composition was very Wpi easier mostly for those who do not need much software in common vpihuemaya such assemblies ! All programs are placed in a comfortable shell, divided into categories , and the whole process of installation and registration is one hundred percent in the automatic mode. You should only choose the program and start the installation. All programs have a detailed description of what is and what is . Also, this image can be written to disk or flash drive to always have at hand a necessary thing .
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    OCCT 4.1.0 Beta 8  Portable

    OCCT - Test to test the stability of the CPU and RAM. Scan results are displayed in the form of informative graphics. Supports testing of modern multi-core microprocessors , gives brief details of the microprocessor and the motherboard allows you to change the test parameters (duration, the value of the load on the processor only , or only in memory , etc. ).
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 x86 Reactor v10 (fixed)

    Облегченная версия Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. За основу взят оригинальный образ ru_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677463.
    24 ноября 2013
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    20 октября 2013
    была вирусная атака. Приношу извинения.

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